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Dr.-Ing. Axel Wendt

Perception of autonomous systems


The talk will be about perception systems of autonomous systems, with focus on a project of Bosch and Daimler working together to take the development of fully automated, driverless vehicles forward (http://www.bosch-presse.de/pressportal/de/en/bosch-and-daimler-are-working-together-on-fully-automated-driverless-system-99072.html). The objective is the joint development of software and algorithms for an autonomous driving system. The project will take the comprehensive vehicle expertise of Daimler – the world’s leading premium-class automaker – and combine it with the systems and hardware expertise of Bosch, the world’s biggest automotive supplier. The synergies that arise as a result will be channeled into making this technology ready for production as early as possible. In promoting a system for fully automated, driverless vehicles for city driving, Bosch and Daimler want to improve urban traffic flows, enhance road safety, and provide an important building block for the traffic of the future. Among other things, the technology will increase the attractiveness of car sharing. It will allow people to make optimum use of the time they spend in cars, and open up new ways of being mobile to people without driver’s licenses. The idea behind it is that the vehicle will come to the driver completely autonomously in cities, not the other way around.

Zeit: Dienstag, 10. Juli 2018, 16:00 Uhr

Ort: A104, Nienburger Str. 1, Hannover (Eckeingang gegenüber der Haltestelle „Schneiderberg“ der Stadtbahnlinien 4 und 5)