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Prof. Dr. Anoush Margaryan

Workplace learning practices in crowdwork platforms


Prof. Dr. Anoush Margaryan, Centre for Learning in the Platform Economy (LeaP), University of West London, UK

Crowdworkers are an online workforce operating outside organisational settings; they have no access to formal training and professional development opportunities that employees typically do (Kuek et al, 2015). Crowdwork has been criticised for being low in learning-intensity, causing deskilling and preventing workers from developing and applying their skills (Degryse, 2016). Emergent empirical findings challenge these accounts indicating that crowdworkers engage in self-initiated learning (Margaryan, 2016) and develop skills, such as business development, marketing, digital literacy and technical skills (Barnes et al, 2015; Gupta, 2017) through their work on the platforms. Yet how crowdworkers go about learning and professional development in the crowd workplace, what workplace learning activities and learning strategies they utilise to self-regulate their learning is not well understood. In this talk, findings from a series of recent surveys and interviews with crowdworkers, platform providers and other stakeholders will be presented to begin to elucidate workplace learning practices in crowdwork platforms. The talk is based on the following key ongoing research projects: 'Skill formation in online platform work' (in collaboration with Oxford Internet Institute) and  'Learning in Crowdwork'  (in collaboration with Frankfurt University)

23 November 2018, 14:00
Multimedia Room, 15th Floor, L3S