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Distance education and openly available educational resources on the Web are becoming common practices with public higher education institutions as well as private training organisations realising the benefits of online resources. However, most of the research in Web-based education has been focusing on creating a variety of metadata formats and environments for the exchange of educational resources. This has led to a fragmented landscape of Web standards and approaches used in the educational domain. Consequently, it is not only the case that interoperability between repositories of educational resources remains a challenge, but also that educational Web resources remain underexploited, as their connection, reuse and repurposing are barely supported by such technologies.

The very nature of the Linked Data approach offers promising solutions that can address these open challenges in the education arena. In addition, the Linked Data movement has produced a vast body of knowledge and data which can substantially support and contribute to educational services and content. Building on the overwhelming success of Linked Learning 2011, the Linked Learning 2012 workshop will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners making innovative use of Linked Data technologies for educational purposes on the Web to discuss, exchange and disseminate their work. Further information is available via the workshop Website.